New Hostel Belgrade is located in the very center of Belgrade in Beogradska Street. It is at a walking distance from all Belgrade sights and hotspots. Two minutes away from Slavija square, Tasmajdan park and one minute from King Alexander Boulevard, the longest and busiest street in Belgrade.
Our hostel is surrounded with different fast food restaurants (McDonalds, Lebanese, Italian, Chinese…), banks, exchange offices, grocery stores and pharmacies, so all one needs is easily available.

The location is perfect for nightlife as it is right in between of Dorcol and Vracar area where all Belgrade cafes, bars and clubs are. Yet, the very location is peaceful so great night sleep is guaranteed.


Getting to NEW HOSTEL BELGRADE is quick and easy.

From Belgrade Central Bus Station take:
• Tram No 2, 10, 12 or 14. Get off on the third stop, in Beogradska Street, right in front of our hostel.

From Belgrade airport:
• Take shuttle bus A1 which will take you to Slavija square. You can walk 300m up Beogradska street or take tram no and get off at the next stop.
Price of a tram/bus ticket is 150rsd if you buy it at a driver or 73 rsd if you buy it at a kiosk. The service of Transport in Belgrade is called Bus Plus and you can buy a blank ticket at the price of 40rsd and charge it up to 720rsd which is 10 rides x 72rsd. Or you can buy a 3 month ticket at the price of 250rsd and charge it without any limit.
If using a taxi, make sure to use official taxis which should have TX sign on their number plates. Or you can, dial them at: +381 1 9801, +381 1 9803, +381 1 9805.


Make sure to park at the official parking space, marked with red, orange or green colors. Our receptionists will help you with how to pay the service of a parking.

  • A friend recommended us to stay in New Hostel Belgrade as it is really cheap, but new and tidy. As ten of us came we went for a 10 bed room and had great time.

    Miha Luznar, Maribor, Slovenia

  • I was reluctant to stay in any hostel, but this place is something different. It is perfectly clean and everybody is kind and helpful, just like in an overpriced hotel.

    Peter Platzer, Wien, Austria

  • New Hostel Belgrade is by all means the best place to stay in Belgrade. I loved the fact that it is in the very centre of the city so that we could walk whenever we wish to go. Personally, I love to go out in Vracar so it is awesome that it like 5 minutes walk to the hotspot bars.

    Tea Hajdic, Zagreb, Croatia


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